How to get a girl by chatting with her!

There are already many posts on how to get a girl on Facebook? How to get a girl online? What to message a girl? 


What to say when a Girl asks 'Why Do You Love Me?

What truly are the reasons, if summed up, that a guy falls for a girl: - Her face (75 %) - Her smartness (45 %) - Availability (50 %) - Hotness (85 %) - Friendship (20 %) - Your own state (40 %) If these reasons are taken and told, they would sound like:


Can couples really get stuck together during sex?

It sounds like a scene from a trashy sex comedy. But stories of getting stuck during sex have been with us for centuries - and some of them might just be true. An emergency trip to hospital is never pleasant, but it's certainly not something you would want to happen after sex.