Top 5 healthy foods that fight sugar cravings

Sugar cravings and eating too many foods that contain sugar may cause health problems such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.


This is the world’s most expensive car

Another month, another price-busting Ferrari 250 GTO… $52 million. That's how much you'll need to lay claim to owning the most expensive car... in the world. Yep, a Ferrari 250 GTO just changed hands for $52 million after being sold by car collector, Paul Pappalardo, who's owned it since 1984. That's a 49 per cent increase on the previous most expensive car in the world - an ex-Stirling Moss Ferrari GTO - which sold for £21.6m last June, and £6000 when new. That's a 533233.33 per cent increase from the original price...


Amazing food combinations that will change your health

The strategy of proper food combining for optimum digestion has been around for decades in western dietary science and for centuries with Ayurvedic medicine.


Scientific Studies Explain the Best Ways to Talk to Children

For most adults, talking to kids can be daunting. And not just in the "watch what you say" way but in the "they won't say anything to me" way. Luckily, science has stepped in to find the best methods for getting actual responses from kids.


Should you invade your kid's online privacy?

YES: It could make all the difference "One week shy of his high school graduation, my 18-year-old son, Henry, died of a drug-related brain injury. Several months before his death, he was in rehab, and I hacked into his computer to find any clues that might help treat him. It felt like a terrible invasion...


How to get a girl by chatting with her!

There are already many posts on how to get a girl on Facebook? How to get a girl online? What to message a girl? 


What to say when a Girl asks 'Why Do You Love Me?

What truly are the reasons, if summed up, that a guy falls for a girl: - Her face (75 %) - Her smartness (45 %) - Availability (50 %) - Hotness (85 %) - Friendship (20 %) - Your own state (40 %) If these reasons are taken and told, they would sound like:


Would you wear temporary cuticle tattoos?

Temporary tattoos are making a comeback, and we’re not talking about the old-school glitter butterflies you rocked in the boy band era!


6 Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair

One of the biggest draws of short hair is that the upkeep is super easy: I can just get up, make sure there are no weird pieces sticking up, and be out the door.


Can couples really get stuck together during sex?

It sounds like a scene from a trashy sex comedy. But stories of getting stuck during sex have been with us for centuries - and some of them might just be true. An emergency trip to hospital is never pleasant, but it's certainly not something you would want to happen after sex.