Why Is An Online Business Presence Important Today?


Why does every business need to have an online (internet) business presence now, no matter what kind of business activity they do?


The answer to why your business MUST be online today with a properly developed website, internet business system and proven funnel is easy to understand.

* Most of the traffic and customers are now online
* Your business marketing costs go way down online
* This gives your business needed credibility
* Better customer service can be delivered on the internet
* You can dramatically increase your affiliate income
* Your business can easily use automation and technology online
* You become free to work from anywhere in the virtual world
* Your business will make a LOT more money

Let’s look at each of these points in more depth to really understand the huge advantages you have by placing your business online and to see what a disadvantage you will suffer if you resist developing an online presence for your business.

Most of the traffic and customers for every type of business are now online.

People now go online first before they set foot in your business. And in some cases they no longer go to stores at all. Now they just use the internet for their business needs.

90% of people will do a search online before deciding who to do business with! So your business must be found on the internet.

Your business marketing costs go way down by using the internet.

The internet has opened every business up to thousands of new advertising opportunities that were never before available when only a few newspapers, radio stations and TV channels controlled all media costs.

And tracking of all advertising costs, right down to the very last click, is only possible on the internet.

The internet gives your business needed credibility.

No matter what size your business actually is, you can easily look large and successful with the right online presence. The internet has leveled the playing field and taken away any competitive advantage large corporations use to enjoy.

And customers don’t trust you now if you are not found online.

Vendors will also give you better terms when your business is properly ranked online.

Bank will even give you business funding in large amounts when you present a credible, profitable image over the internet!

Better customer service can be delivered on the internet.

As a business owner you have better tracking, response time and legal compliance by using simple automated methods of helping your customers with any of their needs or concerns.

You can dramatically increase your affiliate income online.

Every business should learn how to earn extra income from referring their customers to other items they may want. This means you should become an affiliate of several other companies that have products or services you can recommend to your own customers.

If you customer does business with another company because of an affiliate recommendation you made, you get paid a commission.

These kind of affiliate commissions can really add up to a lot of extra money in any business for very little additional effort.

And the internet is the easiest way to make these kind of affiliate recommendations that are so helpful to your customers and so profitable to you.

Your business can easily use automation and technology online.

There are many types of low cost software and systems that you can use when your business is online that will reduce your work load and costs.

Everything from marketing tasks, to customer support, to product fulfillment so satisfaction surveys can be done automatically for very little cost online.

You become free to work from anywhere in the virtual world.

If you want to join the new rich and live anywhere, working less hours than you ever thought possible, you must place your business online.

The internet is the best invention ever created for leveraging small efforts into large returns.

Your business will make more money when it is online.

As we have demonstrated, you will get more customers and keep them happier when you implement the proper internet business system no matter what type of business you own.

You can always sell more and make more when you deploy a good lead generation method, use social media sites to gain attention for your business, use an automatic follow up sequence, create an up-sale funnel and create video descriptions for everything important in your business!

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